Zonk A wonderful long weekend here in the land of Zane. Lots of gardening and yard work, walks, sunshine, and good food. Zane went to his first parade yesterday and regaled the crowd with the shoes that squeak. I even overheard some parents say, “great idea!” There were dogs to pet and even a miniature pony that someone had out for a walk. Zane took it all in with glee, even the really loud motorcycle part of the parade, where he seemed wide-eyed and astonished that someone could get away with making so much noise in public.

During his bath last night Zane reached what I think is another milestone: putting things back together. I’ve mentioned his fervor in taking stacking cups apart and spreading them about. Well, last night he spent most of his bath time putting stacking cups back together. It was harder to do than I think he was expecting, certainly tougher than pulling them apart. He’d get a too-small cup backwards in a larger cup and there wouldn’t be room for the other cups. Ineffectively bonking the cup into the blockage you could almost hear him say, “I should have paid more attention when they were stacked!”

I think this is a byproduct from playing with one of the standing toys. It’s a large spiral ramp: balls go into a hole in the top, a button is pressed (or ball pushed down) and the ball drops, spiraling its way to the bottom where it comes out one of the side slots. I’d shown him the technique a few days ago and now when he comes across the toy he stops and spends a good fifteen minutes or so leaning down to pick up balls and standing to put them in the top.

Yesterday I set him up with the keyboard he’s been using as a walker (well, everything is a walker these days). He scooted right along all by himself, with just a few interventions to back him out of a corner since his backup circuit isn’t working yet. Here’s a few snapshots.

Piano Walker 2000

p.s. regarding the title, I worked with some folks at a couple companies in the 90’s and we decided that adding “2000” to any product name made it sound futuristic. Not sure it holds up as well now that we are are in the 2000’s, maybe need to change to Piano Walker 3000?