Punkin' Head

Yeah, so not the best photo I’ve ever taken…

Taken as he was getting ready to head to preschool this morning. Today he’s taking in a stethoscope and a car carrier truck (probably more excited about the truck to be honest). This afternoon he has dance class. On Tuesday’s he has gymnastics. I took him to gymnastics (last year?) but that was a class where we did it together, the kids were young enough they needed a parent for herding. This class he’s on his own, mom sits up in the balcony and watches with the rest of the parents. Zane likes to tumble.

Last night at the end of dinner Zane started singing a song. “The itsy bitsy Smellvis” he sang. We’re both like, “What?!” None of the other lyrics seemed to change although at one point he threw in an “ooolala.” Now this is odd because usually he doesn’t let us change the words to songs at all. Just the day before I was trying to sing the Itsy Bitsy Zane-O and he wouldn’t have anything to do with it. I asked a few times where the song was from with no answer. Then I asked about Smellvis and he said a couple of boys from preschool were singing it (no idea if it was with itsy bitsy or not). A minute later he pitched in with, “ooolala is French!”

BTW, here’s what we do around the house before bedtime: Round and Round we go!