Pterodactyl, Baby!

Sitting Practice

Zane practicing sitting at the office yesterday. Propped up properly he might manage a few minutes before tipping over. Seeing him tip over is almost as cute as watching him sit and play with his toys.

But that’s not why we are here. The Sound, that’s why.

Based on random squeaks and chirps he’s made, pretty much since birth, I’ve been calling Zane our pterodactyl baby. In the last week he’s added a whole new sound to his prehistoric repertoire. I’ve been thinking of it as a keening of sorts, but having just looked that word up in the dictionary that’s not it either.

The first day he made The Sound, Saturday, he performed it almost all day: happy, sad, hungry, excited…it didn’t matter, he accompanied the task with The Sound. You couldn’t get him to stop, he thought it was the greatest thing! The movie below is when I realized that it should be documented and shared. He was more than obliged to continue the performance.

The Sound