Professor Longhair

Sir Crawls A Little

Obviously he’s needing a haircut. We have an electric clipper set but not so sure if he’d go for a buzz cut, or if his mom would for that matter. Not too short, maybe a half inch or so. That’s about the length it was at this time last year, which you can see in the little sub-image here. I’ve decided to experiment with posting an image from one year back as a reminder, comparison aid. Click it to visit the post from that day.

I think Zane’s been having tooth problems. He’s back to doing lots of gnagnagna-ing and you’ll often find him stuffing a whole hand in his mouth, sometimes both hands. It’s so serious I caught him experimenting with chewing a binky the other day!

I got him laughing during a diaper change this weekend and saw that more of the top two molars are poking out of the gums but he’s still got a ways to go. They do seem to be helping out with eating, or he’s got another technique. Last night I gave him a small slice of pizza and he ate it all by himself: nibbling off edges and chewing on the crunchier bites. Not that I mind cutting up his food, but it goes a lot slower when he has to consume an entire meal by eating a hundred or so pencil eraser sized nibbles.

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