Yesterday was Christmas tree day. There’s a dirt road next to our house and a mile down that road is a help-yourself stand, where we buy our eggs. This time of year they branch out a bit, so to speak, and sell cut-your-own xmas trees.

“Hey, let’s walk down, get some eggs AND a xmas tree!”

How do we get the tree home?

“Put it on the jogger and carry Zane in a Björn.”

Sounds like a plan.

A few hours later we set out on our big xmas tree adventure.

Zane was securely strapped into the jogger, lost inside the confines of his brand new snowsuit. Oh, right, he has a snowsuit now. I had amazon store credit, earned from product links on some of my websites, which I used to buy a couple styles. Turns out the twelve dollar suit was the best. Sure, he needs another half year or more to fully fit into it, but it does keep him toasty.

You’d think that buying a larger snowsuit (or anything) wouldn’t be that big of a deal, something to grow into and would merely be a little loose in the meantime. It seems that one of the things that needs to grow (get ready Laura) is his neck. They are kinda of expecting a longer neck that pokes out of the suit and leaves room for zippering and such. Right now Zane’s chin is standing in for his neck, at least in these suits.

Back to our story.

We hiked the mile down the road and grabbed a couple dozen eggs, slipping money into the till for the eggs and the $15 xmas tree. Faith grabbed a saw while I maneuvered the jogger (w/baby) into the field of trees off the side of the road. Pickings were slim, but I found a nice nine foot tree and took seven feet of it. Hauled it back the the jogger, where Faith had extracted child and I replaced him with the tree. A little bungee magic and it was time to hike home!

That is, once the baby was Björned and mom got the jogger back onto the road. Did I mention that it is all uphill on the way home? More like uphill, slight down hill, and then steep uphill with a little bit of flatness before our house. Luckily Faith’s been working out and pushed the tree the whole way without any problem. Zane for his part sat in stunned silence the entire trip, cheeks rosy red, and limbs lost in the depths of his snowsuit.

Even though they didn’t come out very well I’ve posted some of the other pics as a web gallery.

2007 Tree Expedition