Preschool Daddy

I picked Zane up from preschool yesterday (can you spot him?) while Faith was off at a Dr. appointment. To be honest, after he smiled at me and gave me a hug he actually said, “Mommy? Mommy?” and look around. We then headed to the office for a while so Zane could reboot Barry’s windows machine over and over and Raz could try to get into the food Roseanne was putting together for a picnic. The three of us headed over to the playground where Roseanne and I enjoyed the wonderful homemade pastrami (great stuff!) and tried to sneak bites of it into Zane in between playing. All in all a good wrap-up to a grueling two hours at preschool!

Then last night Faith was off at the first lesson of puppy class (we have high hopes!) while I was trying, and failing, to get ravioli into Zane. Probably didn’t help that they were designer ravioli with gorgonzola and other delectables. Zane likes lots of funky food, but I’m starting to think it doesn’t include blue cheese. He wanted to do everything BUT eat food and eventually spotted the caterpillar that he’d made in preschool. The following movie is the result of that, nicely illustrating that laughing your head off doesn’t help with chewing and swallowing dinner. (here’s a direct link in case the move doesn’t work)

After dinner Zane and I went for a nice, long walk. He may even have set a record for longest walk without getting distracted. We walked almost a quarter of a mile down the hill and then back up again and he held my hand most of the way, only trying to go across the street a few times and I only carried him a little bit. This is HUGE!