Pre-School Thanksgiving Show

Yesterday’s pre-school Thanksgiving show was a blast, no two ways about it. Be sure to watch the “Large” version if you can. Parents and Grandparents showed up, even the other pre-school class came in for the event. Even with all of that pressure everyone did a great job. At the end the teacher asked what each child was thankful for. The kids were thankful for dolls, trucks, ladybugs, pets, and even a window in one case. Zane said, “My Daddy and my Mommy” (in case you can’t pick it up) which his teacher heard as “doggy and mommy.”

Oddly enough they didn’t sing the Goodbye Ladies, Goodbye Gentlemen song Zane had practiced the night before. He even asked his teacher about that after the show and she said they’d forgot (or hit the limit of what one should expect from a bunch of preschoolers).