Pre-school Breakfast

First day of pre-school and we’re trying to get a hearty breakfast into him. He’s eaten an egg, but the jelly toast is going mighty slow. I asked if he had a dream last night. He said yes, but didn’t elaborate other than to say it was “another story.” When asked if there were trucks or cars or trains or animals in it he replied, “no other stuff in it.”

He doesn’t seem to care one way or the other about pre-school starting up again, but he is very excited about the wheel on our van. See, yesterday, when Faith was trying to get the two of them to the Montshire, they ran over a bolt on the road. “click, click, click” Zane reported as the noise it made, gesturing with his fingers. While headed off in the car and retried their outing I pulled the wheel off and left the van jacked up. Well, once the three year old saw that there really wasn’t anything else to think about. “Wheel broken! Wheel off of van, is broken!” He talked about it quite a bit last night and started off this morning with a recap.