Power Struggle

Zane and Raz have a subtle power struggle going on. Zane is doing his best to inform the dog that, yes, everything belongs to ZANE! Meanwhile Raz shows off his ability to chew everything, including those things Zane is holding and trying to keep away from him. They push and bump each other, steal each other’s food and toys, and Zane has been acting as dog-like as he can by licking everything he encounters.

Zane is also progressing well at learning. Lately he’s become really good at identifying things. We’ll read a book, with a busy page of artwork, and ask him where things are (rabbit, bird, wheels, lights, red door) and he inevitably points to each one. Of course some things he’s never heard of, like cactus, which we’ll have to point out and then he spends the next minute or two saying “cacs, cacs” and pointing at them. I’d been wondering if he might be color blind since whenever I ask what a color is he says “green.” Green must be the new NO in the color world, because last night I asked him where the red door was in a book and he pointed to it, no problem.