Politics and Music and Babies

Zane doesn’t seem to really notice the TV when it’s on except when there’s some music he likes. John Legend and Will.i.am came on and sang during the convention Thursday night and Zane stopped what he was doing, walked in front of the TV and stood there watching them sing. Of course by the time I got the camera out he had decided to sit and watch, but it was cute all the same. What the camera doesn’t capture is Zane rocking his shoulders and body in time with the song.

The surprising thing was when I found out that Zane was running for President.

Last night it was nearing bedtime and I was feeding him on the rocking chair in his room. As usual he finished part of the bottle, pushed it away and tried to crawl off my lap. I let him go. He stood up, walked out of the room and down the hall to the bathroom where his mom was, before sitting down. I stood him back up and he walked all of the way down the hall and around the corner into the kitchen, where he stood and pointed at things, saying “dat!”

In a few weeks this will be old hat but for now it is astonishing.