Playing with Light

Zane and I picked up an LED flashlight pack, with a small flashlight and a headlamp flashlight included. Zane’s flashlights are usually some cheesy, cheap little plastic thing that don’t last very long. These might be slightly above cheap, but with a 4 yr old there’s no guarantee of anything lasting. He kept telling me that he wants to use it to go for a night walk on the road and I kept reminding him that it was daytime. Night rolled around and since it was freezing out, I’ve got a cold, and he’s kind of on the fence of getting a cold we suggested that dark rooms would have do. And that’s what we did, from room to room, multiple times, shutting off the lights and closing doors so we could see what the dark is like in each one!

His headlamp has a red LED mode and a two bulb white LED mode, which he calls the “blue” light. Technically he’s right, white LEDs are made out of blue LEDs mixed with some yellow LEDs to try and make them less blue.

Here’s another kind of light, see if you can guess what it is.