Play Party

Zane was invited to a party this weekend. One of the kids from the group of kids/mommies turned two and they held the party at a new kids play place in town. Lots of things to climb, slides, bouncy things, and things to jump on. Being as it was a birthday part there were also hands-on things to do in the back room, like playing with piles of shaving cream and finger painting. Every one of the kids, after getting the shaving cream on their hands, immediately turned to a parent to get it wiped off. It was like their first time making a purposeful mess and they weren’t sure about it. Eventually the aversion wore off and they all made gleeful messes.

I didn’t get a picture of it, but they’d put the cake out on the snack table, well within reach of two year olds. Zane and his buddies all gravitated to it like moths to a flame, unable to control curious fingers. At first there was saran wrap protecting it, but someone (without a 2yr old?) had the bright idea of pulling that off long before cake was to be served. Maybe they were looking to get everyone’s fingerprints on it, for the authentic kids-were-here look? As it turned out when it came time to EAT the cake Zane had no interest at all.