Pizza Thief!

Now, my sis isn’t going to believe this since she lives in the land of tombstone frozen pizza, but you can buy some really good frozen pizzas these days. California Pizza Kitchen is by far the best, but there’s some others that hold their own. Last night we were getting out a veggie pizza (roasted red peppers, artichokes, black olives, etc…) for Zane and I when he reached up onto the counter and stole the pizza. Faith half-heartedly attempted to take it back (it was funny just watching him wielding it) but he resisted and sat down to eat it (p.s. the crust is pre-cooked).

Who knows how much he would have consumed if I had’t stopped him? I sure wasn’t on the good-guy list after taking it away and popping it into the oven.

Which reminds me of an incident at the Museum of Art in DC last week. He was playing in the rocks and plants by one of the indoor water fountains (really lovely places) and started going native, thinking maybe he’d just live in there and be raised by museum staff. It was way past his nap time and I was getting pretty bored being the no-chewing-rocks sentry. Eventually I picked Zane up and tried to get him walking, perhaps to sniff the pretty flowers. No way. His bones disintegrated and he collapsed, carefully laying face down on the marble floor. It’s his version of a fit, I guess, but it looks more like he’s taking a nap.

A distinguished elderly woman walked by and quipped, “Oh, it’s such a hard floor to fall down upon!”

“Fall, right…” I mumbled.

In case you were worried, we did get the pizza cooked and Zane enjoyed his very own slice of it.