Pizza 'n' Pickles

Zane and I had our super bowl “party” last night where we sat watching TV and eating pizza. Of course pickles go great with pizza so he finished off the very last one from the batches I made last Summer. It was the funny, round pickle. Apparently yummy as the pizza was made to wait until all pickle got consumed.

We’d spent the morning outside. Zane with his little trowel wandering around with it held in front of him like a divining rod, sometimes stopping to tunnel or shovel or whatever you call it. Eventually he discovered the “hill” he discovered last time and started sliding down it. This time I convinced him to try with the sled and he really loved it. So, for about five seconds of sledding it takes him fifteen minutes or so to circle around the back, walk/crawl across the snow, and then set things up for the next slide down. Meanwhile I was busy cleaning off the driveway and shoveling roofs, which has been my weekend (and sometimes mid-week) project for most of this Winter.