Pizza Lunch with Dad

Actual conversation while driving around yesterday.

J: It’s about time to go eat lunch. Tonight you and I should take mommy out for dinner.
Z: No, just Zaney and Daddy.
J: Well, you and I are going out to lunch alone, but tonight all of us can go out.
Z: No, mommy stay home.
J: I don’t think that will work, we should be nice and take her out.
Z: No, mommy stay home and be happy. Zaney and Daddy go out.
J: You know she’d be much happier out to eat with us.
Z: Mommy stay home and be happy. It’s ok, daddy.

Faith has started calling him the negotiator, but I think negotiating usually involves some give and take on both sides and he’s more of a take and take kind of kid. Among his tactics are telling you to “be happy” and putting things off until later and telling us things are OK. If we followed his lead he’d be eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner sometime around midnight, if at all, and we’d all by happily OK with that.

We ran some errands and then drove up to Hanover to go sledding. Somehow I totally forgot the snow pants and gloves I’d set out for him by the door at home. We were both pretty bummed about it. As we’re driving away, “Hey, I know! Daddy, we go home and pick up pants and gloves, ok?” A few minutes later, “I gotta idea, pick up pants and gloves at home. Ok daddy?”

I measured this morning and he’s up above 40.5 inches tall, up about an inch from a few weeks ago. He even looks taller these days. We’ve been having discussions about growing up and how he used to be Baby Zane and then Toddler Zane and these days he’s more of a Little Boy Zane. He really likes the concept and it seems to help him in choosing what toys and books to get rid of as we try and trim the piles down.

Oh, as for the meal out? Great. Very kid friendly place, as you walk in they offer crayons and a little bag of fresh pizza dough to play with. Zane kept asking, “is this playdough” as he pulled it apart and squished it. Then they brought fresh cooked rolls (more pizza dough in action) along with a plate of oil infused with garlic, herbs, and even some anchovy. Zane LOVES bread and even more so when there’s oil to dip it in, so I kind of had to manage it so he’d eat some salad and pizza later on. He ate some of everything without any fuss. It’s great to see him pick up a huge slice of cucumber and just start munching away. Towards the end of the meal the booth next to us filled up with three little kids and a couple mommies. Zane perked up, pizza in hand, and kept peering over my shoulder at them, “are those kids?” After the meal he got up from the seat and walked right over to smile at them and say hello. Little socialite.