Pizza Face

The face may be pizza remnants, but the collar is pretty much whatever they had for lunch. Zane’s approach to pizza, btw, is to first pluck off the delectable toppings, then detach cheese rafts, and eventually, if there’s nothing else, to work on the crust. And by “nothing else” this means on any plate in sight.

Last night I ended up eating topless pizza for dinner.

Yesterday was a deceptive day. It looked sunny and warm. When you first left a building it felt sunny and warm. But once you were out in it for a few minutes you realized it was sunny and chilly, with a wind that capitalized on cooling flesh. I had the great idea of taking Zane to the playground while Faith gave her one piano lesson. This is a different playground than the one we normally hit, located at the grade school in town. We’d hit it once last year and decided it was too big for a kid who could barely walk. But that was years ago and it deserved a second chance. Besides the playground was shiny and intricate and accessorized with many things that a young 2 year old engineer might enjoy.

First stop the merry-go-round. Not much to say, Zane smile and laughed a little bit and then we moved on. At least nobody fell.

On the playground gear itself Zane took a couple test runs down the slide and decided he’d rather walk around the top platform. I hung out by the openings to make sure he didn’t fall out. Unfortunately the platform has a couple of levels, one about four inches lower than the other. Doubly unfortunate the material is very dark and young Z didn’t see the step, nor did I notice he wasn’t noticing the stair.


Stepping out into mid-air is never fun for anyone. After that he really wasn’t interested in that playground setup so we headed over to the swings. At the weekend Easter party Zane swung on his first non-baby swing and did really well. They didn’t have baby swings on this playground but he really wanted to swing so I figured we’d give them a shot. First problem is the seat was more plasticy (i.e. slippery) than the one this weekend. Second problem was Zane kept getting distracted by passing trucks. I had a hand on his back, holding a bit of jacket and another hand in front. Didn’t expect that he’d turn in the seat and shoot nearly straight downwards.


And that was the end of that playground. Maybe next year, maybe never.

We went to our normal playground but he didn’t have much spark for it anymore. So instead we walked over to see a nearby bus. I noticed he was walking slow, kind of awkwardly. At first I figured he was worried about stepping off into space at any moment. Then worried that he must have hurt something in one of the falls. There weren’t any tender spots, cuts or bruises and he was putting his full weight on both feet. Still he had a slow and careful walk so I carried him over to the Bus, which we inspected fully and with many exclamations of “Bus!” Back at the playground he wandered around a little bit and would stop to point out and say “Bus!” to anyone who came near.

We took it easy the rest of the evening and when he got a bath I did another exam to make sure everything looked in order. By the time that was done and he was in his dog pajamas he seemed to get around much easier. His dog pajamas are a one piece rig without any feet so I put the big slippers on him. All in all he made a very cute picture, with his big fuzzy head of hair, skinny body, and huge slippers. Kind of like a toothpick with an olive on top and capers on the bottom.

He weighs somewhere between 23 and 24 lbs. The scale refuses to provide accurate measurements unless you stand perfectly still for five seconds. This means we won’t know exactly what he weighs for a couple more years. Faith pointed out during his nap yesterday that he’s almost outgrown the width of the camera view. If you want to have a good laugh compare yesterday’s video to what he looked like a year earlier. I mean, he wasn’t even walking last April.