Pirate Halloween

Faith did the makeup, eyebrows especially dedicated to Aunt Laura.

See, the idea was that he wanted to be a zombie this year. There was mention of Captain America, but the only reason he mentioned that was because he saw a Capt America Shield with some kind of shooting thing in it in a clearance rack weeks before. When I asked if he wanted to be Capt America the answer was that he wanted the shield. So, time was ticking and we hadn’t done anything yet for a costume. I’d gone out looking for an old kid’s suit (Zombie vs. Plants type zombies wear suits, somewhat ratty, but suits all the same) without much luck. I had picked up some makeup but then realized that for school we just send in a costume, they aren’t going to do kids makeup.

So off we went to stores to see what we could find. First store: he didn’t want to be ANYTHING. Second store he just wanted to play with toys. I found TONS of zombie costumes including a great zombie hot dog with dangling eye! No thanks. Finally he found a pirate sword and decided to be a pirate. First mention of pirate in the weeks we’d been talking about it. O.K. The store we are at has NO, that is ZERO, pirates … but they have lots of pirate swords and accessories. Next store has a single pirate but not an appealing pirate. Then he talked me into going to the store with the Capt America shield. No shield anymore, but he can’t stop obsessing about it, stopping sales people to explain his plight and ask where it might be. No joy.

But, they had ONE pirate costume. No swords or anything, but a costume. Could I get him to say yes to it? No, there’s the matter of the shield you see. Finally I explained that we were leaving in five minutes. He could continue to go on about the shield or he could use the limited time to buy the costume. We bought the costume. Then we hit the store with the sword and accessories. Then we came home and I collapsed, two hours or more trying to pin down and then buy a costume.

Next years he’s going as a ghost. I have the sheet in a closet somewhere, easy peasy.