Pine Cone Express

Been meaning to write up something about Zane’s eating habits. First off he’s a GREAT eater, especially when compared to other kids his age. He eats veggies, legumes, fruit, meat, crackers, dirt, whatever you send his way he’ll almost always give it a try. He also seems to enjoy a little diversity. Last night we had Italian sausages and not only did he wolf down handfuls of sautéed onions, but he also insisted on more spicy brown mustard on his sausage.

Speaking of condiments. You ever read about the birds scientists discovered using tools? The birds learned to pick up an appropriate sized stick to then dig a worm out of a hole in a tree. Well, Zane has also mastered the art of tools. In this case he uses french fries as a tool to shovel ketchup into his mouth. Sure, he may nibble the fry from time to time, but for the most part it’s just another utensil.