Pillow Fight!

Pillow Fun

As the self appointed family EFO (Executive Fun Officer) it’s my sworn duty to come up with new and interesting ways to use entertain baby Zane. Nothing dangerous, mind you, just enough to keep his burgeoning cortex and forming muscles from atrophying before they really get going.

Today’s exercise: plop the baby onto a big fluffy pillow, fold up the sides, and rock the baby sushi roll back and forth. You can go a full 180° either way without worrying about a delicate baby arm getting bent or a nose getting flattened. Great fun! Baby seems to like it too.

Last night while we were on the porch listening to the birds sign off for the evening I noticed that Zane’s neck is working. Maybe it has been for a while and we simply took it in stride, but I think this is a great milestone. The first month or so it seemed like one false move and his head would topple off. Now he can even lean back a bit without losing control. There’s a few more adjustments needed to the stabilizer gimbals as moving his head slowly from extreme left to right often requires a moment of chin-down re-calibration.

This evening marks three months old. Sort of. Mom wants to go by actual month-to-month dates (May 15th, June 15th, etc..) and I’ve been kind of stuck on week by week progress, this being the 12th week and thus the third month in my oversimplified world.

So happy 3 months, buddy! We’ll celebrate it again next week.

Zane nibbles fingers