Perchance to Sleep

What with removing most of the furniture from his room it’s a bit sparse in there these days. Also, even though there are TWO beds to sleep on he’ll often opt for the floor during nap time, only to wake up cold or sore and crawling over to a bed to finish. I picked up a rug for his room and now he doesn’t sleep on the floor at all, but instead on the cushion as if it is a raft bobbing in a sea of loud rug.

I’m really looking forward to Zane’s speaking abilities improving over the next months. Now when he’s mad or sad or hurt you can barely get a word out of him, or those he does use are diffused with tears to the point of being unrecognizable. He woke up at two or so this morning and was crying something over and over. Bad dream? Sore leg? No idea, nothing would comfort him. Finally I figured out he was saying “downstairs, daddy.” I told him it was time to sleep and that he could go downstairs in the morning and he stopped crying and fell asleep.

At least he didn’t ask to play chess. There’s an antique multi-game set in our bedroom near his changing table and he calls it chess. Many times during the day (and night) he’ll pop up with a “play chess?” I got it out once, but it’s missing pieces and is kind of delicate. Faith has on her to-do list: pick up checkers/chess set. We’ll see where it goes from there.