Peeza? Pizzaa!

The first big announcement: Zane peed while on his potty! I had him sit on it during a diaper change yesterday and while we read a book he interrupted to say “pee, pee!” and point to a splash on the toilet edge. There was much clapping and cheering and showing of the pee to Mommy and Raz.

So, we’ve got that going for us!

Last night was the first one he’s slept all of the way through in the last five or so. I felt around his gums and sure enough the second molar on his lower right has a few sharp points breaking through the gums. I’d guess that this has been affecting his appetite as well, but hard to say.

Last night when we were eating pizza and cauliflower he started slowing down and picking at the food. My laptop was nearby so I pulled up some pictures of trucks, which invigorated him and got him eating again. Before the meal was over we were on youtube watching videos of monster trucks, logging helicopters and this thing while he finished eating all of his pizza without even realizing it.