Peeping Todd(ler)s

Last night only Jonah and his mom Audrey showed up for mommies group at the playground. It was warm enough, but the thick clouds that moved in probably scared the rest of them away. Not to worry, we can have fun with two just as easily as a half dozen, just not quite as many voices pitching in on the “run and scream” phase of play.

They also spent some quality time peeking in on the swimming pool. At first there wasn’t anyone to peek on besides the lifeguard and a skeleton (??) sitting next to her. Later they had a senior exercise class. I suspect in ten to twelve years we won’t think it’s quite so cute if they are still doing this.

Oh, and yes, his pants are falling off. I think the elastic waistband must have given up the ghost. Spent most of the time following him to pull up the pants and trying different ways of securing it. On the other hand though, he’s now pretty good at running, screaming, and pulling up his pants.