Another interactive picture for your hide-n-seek pleasure: try to find the baby.

I've been extra vigilant at keeping these closet doors closed and baby's fingers away from them. We've been cleaning out the closet and one night it was left open and Zane focused right in on it. That's an understatement. Zane played in the closet for almost forty minutes, completely oblivious to all else. Which makes perfect sense given his natural obsession with cabinetry in general. Door is open, door is closed, open, closed, open, closed, open, almost closed...

Not a pinched finger or hurt feeling the entire time, I'm surprised at how how well he was able to shut the doors from the inside. I shouldn't be given how much interest he has in doors. Yesterday Faith and Zane went on a day-trip with Janet, and as she was getting ready Zane and I played hide-n-seek. At one point in the game he "hid" in his room, shutting the door. Which meant I had to unhid myself and go let him out. Except by the second time he'd done this he was opening the door by himself. Granted that door doesn't latch very well, but he was still reaching up to the knob and pulling the door open. I suppose that means we'll be putting the door knob protectors back on in the next month or so.