Party Boy

Sleepy Boy

More like zonked Zane after a walk with his Mom. There are very few times when we get back from a walk and he’s still conscious, which is A-OK in our book. He’s starting to look a little less lost in the car seat. The humps on the sides are small towels I put under the seat fabric to keep his head from emulating a bell clapper. I was using a donut thing at first but it was just one more thing to keep track of and adjust.

I took Zane in to work on Friday. Faith had had a long night so rather than stay home longer to let her sleep I decided to take him with me. Load up a bottle of mommy milk, a couple extra diapers, changing stuff and away we went. He fell asleep on the way there and stayed that way for the first hour. I fed him and then we went socializing whilst burping (him, not me).

Roseanne held him for a bit as he was in his post-feeding stupor and incredibly huggable and snuggly. Back to sleep and it was a couple more hours before needing to feed and change again. This time he was wide awake so we went around the office again to let him smile and wiggle in front of everyone (I don’t want them think he sleeps all the time). We also went outside and toured the river bank, catching some Sunshine.

Around noon we ran out of milk and Faith had to come rescue him.

I was at *mart (alone!) yesterday and ran into one of Zane’s contemporaries. We met his Mom at the birthing classes and she gave birth a day after Faith did. He weighed 9 lbs at birth and his Mom said that he was already pushing 13 lbs! He looked older compared to Zane: sporting a full head of hair and sprawled, smiling, in his car seat like a little Buddha.

At the grocery store yesterday, with Zane in tow, the checkout gal asked if this was Daddy’s big day out with baby. Uh, no, we go out all of the time. “Oh, you’re like a Mr. Mom?” she asked. I take care of him part of each day, I said. She paused, thinking how best to say it, and asked if that meant my wife was the bread winner in the house.

Hey, can’t a guy just like babies?