Parties and Dogs

Standing next to Toddler

We went to another first year birthday party yesterday. Well, first off Zane and I went into town and he rode his little red car around the park and town. It was alumni weekend and there was a get-together in the park with yard sales, food stands, and lots of people. Zane got to pet a couple dogs and lots of folks complimented him on his fishy hat and cunning car. One little girl was persistent in her attempts to get a ride while Zane was still in it, as if he was merely a bumpy, soft bucket seat.

p.s. regarding top photo: how do you get a wedgie while wearing a diaper?

Car Rides For Everyone

The birthday party featured pizza, balloons, pointy hats, a frosting ladened cake, and kids of all ages running around like, well, kids. Our “baby group” was a little more sedate with Zane being the oldest. They all crawled with gusto and, in Zane’s case at least, ate broccoli florets off of the pizza. Amara immediately hijacked Zane’s car (hers is on order) getting anyone who would to push her around the park. The birthday boy, Joseph, eventually got a turn which he didn’t seem to be enjoying until his Dad took over and increased the speed. Joseph held those two bottles the entire ride, leading to a few obvious jokes from the adults. He started looking sleepy and was quickly placed, car and all, on top of a picnic table. We all sang Happy Birthday, after which he promptly fell asleep while the rest of us ate cake, the younger ones ending up with blue-frosting tribal markings on their faces.

Joseph on table

But the real big event this weekend is Tucker. Or, as Zane calls him, DAGADOCATADAG…well, something like that. It seems to be a blend of DAD, CAT, and DOG. Whatever it is he is extremely enthusiastic and vocal in his love for dogs. Tucker is one of the mellowest guys we know and a perfect first dog for Zane to explore. Zane has been crawling under and over him, standing up to play with the collar, petting his ears and nose and pretty much squealing with delight the whole time. Tucker for his part has been trying to be accommodating, remembering in some recess of his mind that babies==food on floor.

Chewing on Tucker