Overall State Of Being

A photo from a couple weeks ago. Can you believe I didn’t take any baby pictures last night? Slacker dad.

Zane is going wild. Yesterday he shredded part of a box of tissues all over the place. When given some cheddar bunnies he shoved a handful in his mouth and eventually gagged and then puked. Not content that he can reach and open drawers he’s now grabbing things off of the kitchen counter, yesterday dumping an old mug of cold tea all over himself. He’s climbing on everything, including child gates, at an alarming speed. Taking a bath he likes to stick his mouth and nose under the flow of water from the faucet and giggle without fully understanding “hold your breath” or “don’t breath water.” He spent ten minutes practicing sitting the other night, going from standing to sitting in a millisecond, thudding down on a small platform with all of his might and laughing heartily. Sure that he was bruising something the main thing that worried me was the possibility of a full diaper. And don’t even get me started about his habit of sometimes bonking forehead against plate glass windows and doors.

And that’s just the stuff we know about.

There have been some interesting changes since he turned 1 ½. For starters he no longer needs to be fed milk overnight. Used to be we’d put him down around 8:30pm, feed him again around 10:30pm, and then I’d feed him before heading off to work at 6am. It wasn’t our first choice, but evolved that way over time and warded off the less-than-desirable 2 and 3am feedings with lots of crying. We’d use a spreadsheet (geeks!) to track his milk numbers and could pretty much tell when he’d need a late night fill-up.

But no more. No sireeee. Ok, three days does not a trend make, but one can dream. Zane now goes to sleep at 8:30 and wakes up eleven hours later. No late evening milk. No milk before I head to work. Just. Sleep. Of course I’m still waking up throughout the night wondering what the heck is going on, but presumably I’ll either smarten up or get used to it. His milk consumption is quite a bit lower but on the other hand he’s eating lots of solids. Great big gullet stuffing affairs which usually don’t involve too many cheddar bunnies. He’s not putting on any extra weight yet, still hovering around 22lbs.

That’s about it. We need to reinforce and expand the childproofing. Keep dangerous things well away from the edge of counters and tables. Oh, and get more exercise and sleep so we can keep up with him.

Or, we get a dog like this: