Outdoor Bath

Zane wanted an “outdoor bath” the other night an who are we to argue? Roll your mouse over the image to help him make it through the scary sprinkler!

While we are on the subject of bathing. Remember the picture of him in a snorkeling mask? Since then he’s wanted to go to the pool and take “his” snorkel along. Yesterday he and I went to a local pool/waterpark bright and early (8am!) and took the snorkel with us. Well, little did I know that he was under the impression that the snorkel gave him super powers, the ability to swim no matter how deep the water without any assistance from his dad. I tried again and again to explain how it worked and to ease him into learning to use it, but all he wanted to do was step off into the deep end of the pool. After letting him do more-or-less just that, with the expected results, we then talked about how it’s supposed to be used, but then he was no longer interested (or trusting) of the snorkel.

All in all over two hours of swimming. It should be no surprise that, even though it was 10:30 in the morning, he fell sound asleep on the way home.