Out and about with the Big Dogs

Zane was feeling much better yesterday and after having a nice, big breakfast we started getting ready for a recycling run and whatever else came our way. I’d cleaned out my office earlier in the week so the cardboard box (Zane’s chore) was really full. A minute or so into moving cardboard Zane stopped and told me, “I’m sick! I need to watch word world and curious george! No want to go to dump!” After I started moving the cardboard and saying I’d go alone he had a miracle recovery and the day was saved!

We recycled, went to the gravel pit and looked over heavy equipment, sat down for a donut, ran around kmart (it was cold out), then found a hiking trail behind the store and wandered that for a while with Raz. On returning I found two ticks on Raz and one on Zane. Must be the last-ditch gotta jump on someone before Winter season for ticks. It was still chilly, about 36, when we headed to the playground and Zane repeatedly demonstrated that he’s not one to get dizzy very easily.

Later, after a nice long nap (Daddy needed one too), we went outside and wandered the yard. At one point we were walking our woods, checking the dog fence. Deer had broken a section of fence down and I cut my finger fixing it. I showed it to him and he asked me what does blood do? As we continued through the woods Zane had me hold his hand while maneuvering over fallen timber. A little blood rubbed off onto his finger, which he noticed later.

“I need a bandaid!” he demanded.

“That’s my blood, we’ll just wash it off,” I explained.

“No, no wash it off, it needs a bandaid.” Adding, with a sniff, “I’m hurt!”

Eventually I got him to wash his hands and he seemed quite surprised when the blood was gone and there wasn’t a wound nor anymore blood.