Our Pups

Another low-sleep night in Zane-land. Faith talked to the Dr’s office yesterday and they recommended pushing plenty of fluids into him, being pro-active with the tylenol, and that the ice cream wasn’t a bad idea at all. His fever travels in cycles, where he’ll be happy and active and engaging for two or three hours and then start slowing down and heating up. Still no other symptoms, not even a runny nose. Pretty sure it’s an ear infection, but he’s also not tugging at or otherwise favoring his ears. Hard to say.

He cried and screamed at midnight. Faith was comforting him and I was trying to fall back to sleep. I knew that if I went in there I could calm him down in no time, but it also meant I couldn’t leave until he fell asleep. Zane probably knows this and part of his fussing might be in the hope that I cave in.

And I do. I almost always do.

I actually got up three or four times, intent on going in there and then resisted the urge. Finally, realizing that I wasn’t going to fall back to sleep anytime soon, I went in to take over. One of us should get some sleep. Faith went off to bed while Zane snuggled with me on the little futon on the floor. He flipped and flopped, twiddled his hair, twiddled my hair, touched my face a few times to identify the nose and eyes and mouse and slowly drifted off. Eventually he was transferred to the crib and he’s slept soundly since for a good six eight hours.