Our other gas/electric hybrid

Our other hybrid

Zane and Faith are still in NY. Hopefully I have enough “extra” Zane photos to carry me through the long weekend. I biked over to Ben’s first birthday party yesterday and hung out with a few of Zane’s young friends, which was good for a short-term baby fix. Faith called last night and tried to put Zane on the phone. He always goes for the buttons, maybe he heard me maybe he didn’t, but he sure wasn’t happy when the phone was taken away. That of course got me thinking about another of my growing list of baby inventions:

  • buttonless phone for easy talking/listening, maybe a speaker phone is best since there’s no need to hold it just right
  • or, a way to disable the buttons on the phone
  • ok, a way to disable the buttons on anything (computer, remote control, VCR)
  • better yet, a master remote/switch that disables all buttons and switches in the house
  • and some way to disable that switch because Zane will surely find it

This is the first time I’ve been home without Zane and Faith around and I can’t believe how quiet it is. Way too quiet. And clean. I did the dishes and picked up toys Friday afternoon and everything is still clean and picked up! Who could live like this?

Since we are in a new month I’ve updated the Web Gallery (link at top). Last month saw 52 photos photos posted. They are pretty much the same as what you’ll see here, but in an easier format to view a slideshow of without all of my blathering.