Our Ostrich

This is Zane hiding. Seriously. I counted to ten (in the adjoining room no-less) and went to find him and this is his hiding place. It didn’t help that he was giggling. Earlier I found him in the corner of his room, head sunk into a paper bag, butt waggling in the air. Despite appearances he is getting better at hiding and suppressing giggles. He’s even counting to ten before looking. He’s very fast at counting so we’ll have to teach him one-mississippi, two-mississippi next. Unfortunately he has another huge advantage when it comes time to find where daddy is hiding: Raz. All he has to do is find where Raz is “pointing” and the game is pretty much over. You’d think the dog would have a little more loyalty and listen when I say “stay” but he’s just gotta get into the game and that means finding me.

Today should be a big day. I’m heading up to buy Zane his big boy bed. It’s a bunk bed with a twin on top and a full, foldable futon on the bottom. Faith has already got a taker for the race car bed (and a LOT of other old toys, books and clothes: go mommy, go!). We’d been sort of shopping/obsessing over this for a few months and then this weekend, amidst all of the cleaning, I found one for sale in a local want ad. Great timing.