Our Engineer

Zane gets pretty focused when he’s working through one of his engineering projects. This ball thing for example. You’d think the ball goes in the top and then rolls down to the bottom to be repeated again and again. Ah, but does the ball really need to enter from the top? Can the ball be made to reverse its course? What happens if a train is used instead of a ball (unhappiness, I tell you, unhappiness!)? These are the things that can occupy hours of trial and error. Should a dog come along and, say, steal one of your test objects, well then it must all be started over again once the object is recovered.

We were at the library yesterday, checking out when Zane started pointing and blabbing at the four year old boy a few feet away. “Gee, is he trying to make friends?” I wondered to myself. No, he was pointing out that the boy had a truck on his t-shirt. Once Zane’s vocabulary fleshes out a bit more he’ll not only be pointing but also describing the make, benefits of that particular model, alternative trucks based on industry, and perhaps how the boy wearing the truck shirt isn’t fully appreciative of what he has.