Our big boy

The big news, which I’ve been forgetting to pass on, is that Zane has been accepted to pre-school! Yes, the competition was tough and he missed the first draft (sniff) but eventually they came around. Starting in September he’ll be going for two hours, twice a week. Nice because Faith works out at the same building on those days and because some of his other friends got accepted too.

BTW, he’s half sopping wet because he was playing with the garden hose while we did some weeding. Zane saw his first live snake too, as there’s a couple garter snakes living in our pond skimmer. This photo was taken as Zane was heading to the front wall to eat “strawberries” which are actually black raspberries. There’s a bumper crop this year and he loves them!

Below is his new wagon, which also doubles as bed, footrest, fortress and who knows what else in the coming days. Most importantly it has seatbelts. Unfortunately he can reach the wheels, which is something he likes to do when being driven around. If you’ll remember from last year (or was it longer ago?) he used to like dragging his foot when getting rides in the little car. This kid likes friction.