One thing Zane is really good at these days is repeating things we say almost verbatim. He’s always had a good ear for pitch and sounds, but now it seems to have gone a bit beyond mere mimicry … although there’s plenty of that. My favorite is his “contemplative daddy sound.” I guess that I make a “Hmmm…” (as in “that’s interesting” or “what’s this?”) sound often enough that Zane now does it himself. He’ll put a finger to his chin or lips and say, “Hmmm…” just as if he was puzzling something out, and he probably is.

The following movie is from around 3pm yesterday when he was “attempting” to nap. What’s missing is the little exclamation of “ah!” each time he lands on the futon. When we got him up at 5pm he wasn’t in a very good mood at all. It took another hour or so for him to wake up … or cheer up.

Or, as he and his dad would put it: “Hmmm….”