Onion "ring"

Apparently Zane and Faith ran across some nice train at the store last week and not a day goes by where Zane isn’t asking for “more new trains?” Now, he has a LOT of trains. And cars. And puzzles. And pretty much everything else. One doesn’t really count how many toys there are in the house as much as measure the depth of them littered across the floor upstairs and downstairs. Still, a boy has to dream. I tried to deflect him by saying that maybe he’ll get a train for Christmas, which was of course a silly thing to say to someone who has no concept of time, much less distance to December. He has been saying “want christmas new train?” ever since.

So the idea I hit upon is big boy eating. Just as Zane worked on his potty training and earned poop trucks and big boy underwear, he can now work on his big boy eating and earn new trains. All of his friends, some half a year younger, all sit down and eat their meals. Zane starts to eat and then loses interest, which helps to explain why he’s ten pounds lighter than everyone else. I measured him the other day and he’s up to 39” tall and has fallen below 28lbs. In other words he’s taller and weighs less than he did six months ago.

Hey, I don’t expect him to chub out. He’s probably going to be on the slender side simply because he’s very active and his Mom and Dad were skinny kids too. Regardless, he needs to learn to feed himself. So we’ll see how it goes. He seems to enjoy having tangible goals.