One Year Old!

Zane cruising at the park

Happy Birthday Zane!

Zane may not get what a birthday is but I think I’m starting to understand what the fuss is about. It’s not just that he’s a year old, it’s that he and we have managed to make it a whole year without SIDs or any of the other scary things and everyone is healthy and happy. When we left the hospital with baby Zane last year we kept expecting someone to rush out yelling, “where are you going with that baby?!” We made it home without getting arrested. We made it through the night without a nursing staff checking in on us. We fed, changed, comforted, washed, played, and talked with Zane in something of a dream state, not quite sure what we’d gotten ourselves into with a low-level fear of the unimaginable. Slowly we learned how to care for him (and ourselves) and took on all of the new routines of raising a baby.

And we all made it a year! Woo hoo, Happy Birthday!

Luckily there are lots of pictures and we can go back to the start to re-live the last year. Despite the sporadic sleep and crazy schedule (or lack thereof) it has been a great year, that seems more like three years. Our little baby has gone from being a toothless little frog to a cruising, sliding, babbling boy with a growing collection of teeth.

Last night was the Wednesday mommies group and this time it was held in the park. Beautiful weather and a great turnout, with ten sets of Moms & Babies showing up and a couple of dads. Zane is at the stage where he is always in motion, which meant he was crawling over moms and babies and getting into everything he saw. We also had to visit the slide a few times since he is obsessed with sliding. Here’s a shot taken before everyone showed up. The baby just to the right of Zane (Gavin) and the one in the back with the big hat (William) are also May babies.

Mommy night at the park

I mentioned that Zane is eating more and more finger food. Well, yesterday afternoon I put out an entire spread of finger food for his afternoon meal and he snarfed it all down. Le Menu: avocado, egg, banana, chicken, bread, O’s, a dash of milk, followed by a few spoons of fruit from a jar.

Zane feeding himself