On Top Of The World!

We hiked up to Boston Lot lake where Zane demonstrated: frog touching, rock throwing, rock climbing, and butterfly chasing. He really just wanted to go swimming, but since it was an unplanned hike we didn’t have any trunks or towels. Guess we should just start packing those, eh?

Friday was his last day of pre-school. Faith and Raz hiked from town to my office, the long way, and then she and I walked back into town to pick Zane up. After goodbyes were said to the teachers, Zane and I then walked the mile and a half to my office, stopping along the way to pick up a sandwich and to watch vehicles zoom by under the walking bridge over the interstate. He spent the afternoon “working” with daddy, which consisted of: visiting people, eating, visiting, playing in boxes, tryig to find new “toys” in my office, visiting, playing with the iPad, and some more visiting before we left.

As you can see he’s perfectly content staying flat on the ground.

Before yesterday’s hike we stopped at a local feed supply store on the premise that they had lots of piglets and chickens for sale. Well, apparently you need to get there closer to 7:30am if you want a chance to see pigs, but there were still a couple dozen young chickens biding their time.