On Top Of The World

Another weekend hike with Zane O, Daddy and the beast called Raz. This time we went on a trail closer to home that, after a brief flat area, had a long, really steep section. First Zane wanted to run and then he was insisting, “Daddy you carry Zane!” To which I said, “forget that!” and managed to distract him into hiking uphill with a game of rolling rocks downhill as we came across new ones. Some time after we reached the first peak I thought to myself, “hey, we could hike down the other side, go to Poverty Lane Orchards and have Faith come pick us up!” Faith was home painting the shed and, unfortunately for my grand plan, couldn’t hear the telephone. We hiked the rest of the trail, went to the orchard and ate apples, Raz tried to play with all of the dogs, Zane tried to play with all of the farm equipment, while I tried and tried to call Faith for the next half hour. I started to worry that I’d have to hike back over the hill to the car, this time most assuredly carrying a tired little boy. Luckily at the last moment Faith answered the phone, picked us up, and we all went out for a hearty meal.

Here are some more photos from the hike. As usual, hover your mouse over each one for additional details. Here’s a map showing most of the trail we took (we actually started at the end of the Farnum road, I forgot to turn the GPS track on until later).

In the evening we were eating Pizza & Pickles (my homemade dilly beans) when a caterpillar started wiggling across the deck. Raz was out there, curiously following it (maybe he brought it onto the deck?) so Zane and I went out to examine and touch it. Zane is all about touching things… after Daddy does it first, of course.

Here’s a 3D view of the hike (elevation exaggerated 2x) along with the elevation profile. The clear stripe across the path is the power line clearing and where the photo of Zane and Raz was taken.