On a Mission

On a mission

Drop baby Zane in the grass somewhere and he almost immediately sets off for someplace else. A place with rocks preferably, although plucking petals off of flowers can be fun too. Last night I taught him how to pick weeds. I figured he was picking everything in the plant cairn and maybe needed a little direction? I’d point at a weed and he’d pick it. Point at another, pluck. Gotta be on the ball with the weed pointing, otherwise he goes into automatic pluck-it-all mode.

Our favorite thing these days (his and ours) is shaking his head no. He does it so vigorously and with such a big smile that you can’t help but to laugh with him. Whatever the question, all he knows is the one answer. He uses it when there hasn’t been a question. Someone will stop by to say hi and Zane will start smiling, laughing, and shaking his head no. We’ve tried to show him the “yes” head shake, associating each type of head shake with yes or no, but he seems perfectly content with the his own smiley bobbly-head trick.

Playing with rocks and leaves