Zane finally got to go on the town bus! I fed him early and we headed down to catch the 4:50pm bus in Lebanon. The bus is free and this particular blue line does a round trip from Lebanon to DHMC to Hanover and then back, with a handful of stops along the way. You should have seen it when the bus pulled up and we went to get on (wish I had that head/glasses mounted Parent’s Camô invention of mine): he was giggling and squealing in total excitement, hardly able to believe his luck.

The lady bus driver gave him a chance to look over the driver controls and he wandered around the cabin a bit inspecting the seats and looking out the windows (it was raining, so not very clear windows) before we got underway.

Once underway, I’m not sure if it was stunned awe or what, he just sat there perched on the edge of his seat watching the road ahead. I lifted him up a couple times to sit on my lap since it didn’t seem like he could really see the road from down there, but each time he crawled off and went back to his own seat. For the first ten minutes or so he kept pinching my hand to make sure he wasn’t dreaming.

The blue route that we were on is about a 40 minute round trip. The bus started off mostly empty and then filled up at the hospital and Hanover. Zane tried to get off a couple of times with the crowd and he giggled almost uncontrollably as he watched streams of people boarding. Only during the last couple miles of the trip did he start getting restless and try to crawl down and wander the bus, time I spent wrestling to keep him on the seat and not bouncing around the place like a pinball.

We’ll surely be doing that again!

Below is a video from one of our playground trips over the weekend. Zane’s on a little spinning “cup” and while this video didn’t capture it, on an earlier spin he figured out how to keep it spinning and spinning all by himself. In fact I got a little worried he’d lose his cookies and took him off to see if he could stand on his own anymore. Nope.