Office Visit

After biking Zane to pre-school Summer camp yesterday I decided to go pick him up as well. By the time I got there it was raining lightly. The bike “trailer” (Zane’s term) is somewhat water resistant so we loaded it up and headed to the office. His first task once we arrived was to tell everyone about the bike trail, which was then followed by him pestering everyone for food. Oh, I had his snack back with some of his un-eaten lunch, but he informed me the he wanted other people’s food. Hey, if he’s eating that’s good enough for me!

He played with the office toys, messed around with the ipad/iphone a bit, and then discovered the best toy ever: his bike box! I setup another box next to it and that was good for at least twenty minutes. You know, someone might make a nice living making an indoor kid’s playground using nothing but a labyrinthian arrangement of boxes. Low overhead, easy enough to fix or even expand with little to zero outlay of cash.