Office Toy

We stopped by the office yesterday to pick up the recycling and Zane discovered another of his Dad’s office toys: the suction tipped blow darts. I showed him how to use it once and that’s all it took. He even worked up enough air power to make a few stick to the door. The reason I took so many photos (20+) is that we were trying to get one with the dart shooting out. Seemed like the thing to do, but not very easy in the end.

The challenge with this toy, and pretty much everything (rocks, dirt, food, toys), is to keep him from aiming at another person. Pretty much everything he does these days he’ll play with normally for some period of time and then hits a point of, “gee, what would it be like to throw it at Mommy/Daddy?” For all of the things we did and the fun we had, yesterday was a particularly “contrary” kid day. I’d tell him NOT to do something and he’d do it even more. The word NO washing over and past him like a soft evening breeze, barely ruffling his hair. At bed time I asked him why he was such a contrarian. Was he testing our limits? He sighed, paused for a second and said, “Yeah.”