Office Crib Redux

Office Crib Sitting

Yesterday afternoon at the office I found that Zane doesn’t mind the crib if you aren’t trying to make him sleep. Sitting isn’t sleeping, so that’s ok.

He’s getting to be a stubborn little fella. This is the part where I say “he gets it from his mommie“ but unfortunately he’s getting it from both of us and for that we will pay. Right now it is probably more related to developing memory and knowing that X isn’t as fun as Y and the last time they did B it really meant C and, oh, look something shiny!

Other notable changes as Zane approaches seven months. He sleeps on his belly more often than not now, put him into his crib and after a little shuffle, shuffle, grunt, grunt he’s on his side or belly, often heading over to a favorite corner for a snooze. He likes orange food and, yes, for the tenth time, he doesn’t like peas: even those especially prepared by his loving mother.

I’ll regret mentioning it, since he reads this blog psychically, but no projectile vomiting. Charlie, who has four kids, was holding him yesterday and asked Zane if he was getting ready to upchuck. Other than a big overflow a couple of times when I was feeding him on his back four months ago, he hasn’t had any problem keeping things down. Believe me, it’s not for lack of trying: being a certified idiot I often bounce and toss the baby around right after a huge meal. Maybe Zane thinks I’m using reverse psychology?

“He’s trying to make me throw up. I’ll show him!”

Belly Sleeping