Obligatory Kid in Sunglasses Shot

Yesterday was Zane’s checkup at the Doctor’s office. We tried sunglasses on the drive there, for a few minutes anyways, and then he was all done. Or, as he put it, “I’M ALL DO-NE!”

There was an HOUR delay at the office (good grief) but luckily they had lots of toys to play with and Faith brought the iPad. Zane spent forty minutes playing with toys, about ten minutes playing iPad programs (he likes the counting app because he can hatch little fish eggs) and then the rest of the time he and I wandered the building. Once in the examination room he was left with plenty more time to try and open and crawl and discover everything in the room. Eventually they showed up with lots of questions and poking and prodding by the doctor and med student. I think Zane passed.

He got one shot, in his leg. The nurse gave him a basket of stickers to browse, hiked up a pant leg, swabbed with alcohol, and JAB! He wasn’t expecting nor particularly happy with that, but got over it quickly. A round, green bandaid stuck on his leg, a turtle sticker on his shirt, a short hug and snuggle with his dad and everything was back to normal.

Below are a couple shots from our seemingly regular visit to the playground last night. I think he was setting up shop as a bark mulch merchant. Oh, and his new thing at the playground is to go “play on dump truck tires?” The exercise center has an outdoor fitness class in the field by the playground. They put out cones, stepping stools, and tires. Zane likes to play on the tires, but this time he also wanted to play on their stools.

Four women and their instructor were jumping onto and off the stools, most of them looking sweaty and tired. Zane walks right over and starts climbing onto and jumping off of a spare stool. A couple of the ladies smiled or laughed, others were too tired.

The instructor simply said, “Hi Zane!”

Man, this kid gets around… everyone knows him. Turns out her daughter is in pre-school with Zane. Still, the number of people I’ve ended up meeting and talking to via Zane is pretty incredible.