Cloudy, chilly weather yesterday and yet we went to the playground for an hour and for a two mile walk later in the day (as you can see below he took his turn at pushing the stroller). I can’t say for sure, but it seemed like Zane was attempting to read the sign. He pointed to the “O” and it sure sounded like he said oh and then an ah when pointing to the “A”. Mostly limited to vowels at this point.

And while it doesn’t seem like he’s pronouncing them he has been pointing out individual numbers on license plates when we walk through parking lots. It slows things down quite a bit when you have to stop at each license plate. Plus, how to explain a non-numeric vanity plate to a seventeen month old?

He spends a fair amount of time reading. After feeding and popping him back into the crib at 6am, I put three or four books at end of the crib, just beyond his feet. Then, when he wakes up an hour or so later, I’ll see him on the webcam (from work) and turn on the music in his room. He sits up, grabs the books, and reads for a half hour or more while his mom gets a little more sleep.