Nuclear {powered} Family

Well, at least ONE of us seems to be running on nuclear fusion or fission … and it’s not Mommy or Daddy.

Yesterday during nap time Faith said that Zane kept trying to climb his changing table. This is the table with a cardboard skirt designed to keep him from climbing it. Well, the design is a few months old and no challenge at all. Finally she let him have at it and he spent the next 20-30 minutes climbing up one side, turning, and then lowering himself down the taller end. And then he climbed the bookshelf, with all of the books still piled up on it! Faith intervened on that and then I had to stop him a couple times too. Eventually he went back to playing with the hamper and then collapsed for a nap on the cold, hard floor.

After dinner he and I played almost non-stop for two hours. We ran around the family room. We climbed and jumped. Then we went upstairs and I spun him in circles on the kitchen floor (I think he’ll make a good astronaut) before realizing that I was getting tired and he was just laying there. So then we ran around in circles in the kitchen. I got dizzy and watched him continue to go around and around for the next ten minutes. Then we ran up and down the hall and around in circles. Then hide and seek, which was even more running. I finally had to shut him in his bedroom so he’d stop running long enough to put into pajamas, brush teeth, and try to put in bed. Eventually he slowed down enough that we even managed to read a few books, after which he pretty much zonked out.