Nuclear Family

Zane trying to call for help or take-out. He spent a good chunk of Saturday driving in and crawling around cars as we headed up North to look at and eventually buy a used mini-van (seen in the background). Yes, our conversion to atypical family is almost complete:

  • 2 yr old ✓
  • puppy ✓
  • split level house ✓
  • mini-van ✓
  • cat ✓
  • lawn w/bbq ✓

Our other car (Golf) failed inspection miserably and, frankly, we’ve hated it for years. We’ve been entertaining the idea of getting a mini-van for, oh, ten years or so, way back when we used to have a 4×4 truck. It just takes us a while to make up our mind on things. Which is probably why we didn’t have a kid until we’d been married well over fifteen years. This time the sun/moon/stars/craigslist lined up just right and we found a used Sienna in Burlington, VT, owned by a nice couple with four kids, two dogs, and a cat.

Zane thinks it’s the greatest thing. He can walk in it! (not while driving, of course, that was only for kids born before the 70’s) It’s like a big car shaped fort and he wanders around inside it wide-eyed, pushing and pulling and opening and closing and turning all of the knobs and hatches and lights and levers.

I can just see us feeding him, saying: “Eat your veggies or you won’t get to play with the mini-van!”