Noodlee Doodlee

So I get Zane up from his nap (5pm!), he wanders out to dining room and notices the three cherry tomatoes I’d just picked. “‘mato!” (or something like that) he says, pointing at them. “You’ll have to get in your chair if you want to eat them.” Which he then did. Hmm, well, Faith was going to take him out to eat but she’s not back from her appt yet so I guess a couple tomatoes wouldn’t hurt.

Before I could slice the cherry tomato in half he popped the whole thing in his mouth. While I worried over CPR steps in my head, like a good parent, he proceeded to not have any problem consuming the perfect kid-choking morsel. Within a minute he ate the other two tomatoes (sliced!) and demanded more. “Ok buddy,” I said, heading out to the deck to pick a few mostly ripe tomatoes. CHOMP, down they went. Might as well get some other food out since he seems to be hungry. He slowed way down once the selection started increasing and tomatoes were gone. Still, I slowly worked some food into him while Faith, back home, started on her own dinner. She also had the great idea of cooking up some rice noodles, which is a Zane favorite.

Zane’s sitting there, plate full of food, leaning towards me saying “done? all done?” and wanting to get out of his chair. And then the noodles arrive. To say this kid loves rice noodles would be an understatement. It’s like he has a second stomach reserved JUST for noodles. We put butter on them in an attempt to fatten him up a bit and he wolfs them down by the handfuls. Another great benefit is that everything else on his plate eventually gets eaten as well.

Speaking of weight. We have a digital bathroom scale with five memory slots, so each of us can track our last weight and know how we’re doing in the battle of gaining/losing weight. The other morning I fired up the scale for the bad news and when I looked at my last weight it showed 24.8 lbs. Well, well, I wonder how that got there? I asked Faith and she hadn’t weighed him recently. So apparently Zane was playing in the bathroom and weighed himself, which is no easy task even when we are purposely trying to do it. I wonder if he’ll measure his height if we leave a pencil out?