Noisy Planet

Shot just before Dinner as Zane was spinning around like a dust devil making blahblah raspberry sounds by shoving his fists in and across his mouth. It’s times like that where I wonder if his teeth are bothering him or if he’s merely experimenting with a new sound.

Zane is very sound orientated. While he’s only picked up a few of the baby hand signs Faith uses he’s had no problem with the ones that have sound effects. You can point at, sign, or say airplane, fish, or dog and he immediately makes the right sound for it. I’d say my favorite sound is his rendition of wild dogs, although yesterday Faith said the word gurgle and he’s been doing a pretty funny version of it ever since. He likes wooshing sounds, raspberries, and whispered things. Pretty much any sound effect I make he’ll take a shot at.

Still, it was kind of surprising when Zane turned around the other night and made a brand new sound using his own technique. Even more so because I wasn’t watching when he first made it. Here’s a little movie featuring his encore presentation. It also includes a short snippet from the playground today where the “big” kids (3rd grader and 1st grader) were playing catch and discussing the solar system, oblivious to Zane wanting to join in.