No Thanks

Another beautiful day yesterday so after work I headed home, got Zane up from his nap, and we headed out for adventure. Well, it turns out he’d either had enough adventure with his Mom already or that Tuesday is a day for quiet reflection and contemplation. We got to the playground and he refused to even leave my shoulder for the first fifteen minutes. The only thing to capture his interest were the Senior Center buses, pulling in for the day. We walked over to inspect them and Zane was good enough to point out to the driver that he was inside a bus.

Since that was a bust we headed home so I could finish mowing the lawn while Faith took Zane and Raz for a walk. After dinner we put together a small train track. Zane was much more interested in that and unlike last month when the track was out he carefully drove the trains around the loop and experimented with hooking trains together. Watching him carefully push the trains under a bridge I could really tell how much finer his motor control skills are as well as whatever reasoning he uses to tell which trains to push and when.